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Age: 24 y/o Haircolor: blonde Speaks: CS-EN-FR
Cup-size: D Nature: straight Country: not disclosed
Body: S Horoscope: gemini 10 (of 7 votes)

I like:
me make happy this when me do good steps for anothers ppl′s and when them help ! this can made me so happy and so fly!i do love fun and to be loved,i do love hot vibrations and vip private for be one two one with you!

Not cool:
oh not love when ppl′s try be friends and show me fake love or say fake words!i hate BEGGARS,Rude mens who waste time,fake promises!i will ban without any problems and will dont listen to your Saliva!I am Respect my TIme and life here in site!

how possible XXX but if me be enjoy here amazing ppl′s then every day:)thanks

oh are good question!I think ppl′s may say of me which i am! this very silly be when i be say a lot good words of yousrelf!I am more enjoy when ppl′s learn me and say me true which i am!thanks for understand

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