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Age: 31 y/o Haircolor: brunette Speaks: DE-EN-FR
Cup-size: B Nature: bisexual Country: not disclosed
Body: M Horoscope: libra 10 (of 1 votes)

I like:
Don′t expect me to be your friend, lover, pro bono psychologist , your experiment for your dirty fetish .If you read these u must know where you are: my room,  so behave yourself , or just leave a vacancy post to a better sub.

Not cool:
I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it. I m not easily impressed , so as a matter of fact i am easily turned off. Be original if u want to be on my wave

check it out lol

Why a man need both, a wife and a mistress? A smart man would seek out and fall for a lady can play both .As your Mistress, i may choose which servant i prefer , not one with a senseless cock without a single hint of emotional fusion , because a truly Miss doesn′t turn around when the small dogs barks. Being my submissive has never been about being powerless. It is about the conscious decision to gift that power to the person you deem most worthy of it.

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