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Age: 25 y/o Haircolor: blonde Speaks: DE-EN
Cup-size: D Nature: bisexual Country: not disclosed
Body: M Horoscope: aries

I like:
i think im kind of addicted from adrenalive and its what turs me on the most

Not cool:
i dont like too much sun i prefere to stay in the shadow , also i dont like and use tik tok

usually ... i can not set it now we ll see :) just starting here :)

I am ambitious person. I look on challengse and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. I′m not comfortable with settling, and I′m always searching for an chances to do bigger and better.My state of consciousness, however, also has values of nihilist person helps me going through my time in this world. I m too fucking serious sometimes. I enter this e-world for two purposes : *uno : i want have good time here linked with good earnings *duo : fuck this system in which i have to live where besides work and resting i got no time for anything else nowadays *i have fucking enough of tinder and pleasers, i want get here totally new experiences linked with my style of erotic *i love deep talks touching and expending our mindsets *i gave up in lookin for meaning of life, i do want know world and rate it before i pass away *george carlin in my mood *i like physics,oceans and history * I give help in orphanage *I don′t like alpha males and I′m all for equality of any idea that doesn′t hurt others. LETS CREATE RUMBLING CONVERSATION

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