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Age: 21 y/o Haircolor: red Speaks: EN-ES-IT-NL
Cup-size: B Nature: straight Country: not disclosed
Body: M Horoscope: taurus 10 (of 2 votes)

I like:
What I do and love:) Striptease Fingering Playing with my toys Anal with fingers or toys Talking dirty and moaning Double penetration with fingers or dildos Panty stuffing in my wet pussy :) Modelling sexy heels, stockings or outfits for you Cam2cam

Not cool:
pee and poo

20:00 gmt -5

What I have: Toys Socks Thongs Sexy skirts High heels Shorts and leggings Dresses .... etc! Kisses EXPERIENCE ° Blow jobs ° Careless bjs ° Deep throat ° Masturbation ° deep penetration ° anal ° Double penetration ° Executing your requests ° Lingerie ° Toys ° Heels ° Stockings ° Foot Fetish ° Spanking ° oil ° And many other things that will make you turn yourself on :p

Latinhoney XCAMS GIRL (21)

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